Research Priorities and Areas

Research Priorities

The following are the priority areas of research:

  1. Study and assess the social response to development programmes and its implications in terms of various policy options.
  2. Examine localized Nepali societies to arrive at a fuller appreciation and understanding of traditional cultures that contribute to national identity.
  3. Conflict studies, security of small states, politics, development and inter-state relations in South Asia.
  4. Area studies, particularly political, economic and strategic developments in the Asian region.

Research Areas

  1. Culture and Heritage Studies Art and archaeology, history, historical cultural forms; religion; folk studies.
  2. Social Change and Development Studies

Social structure, national integration, ethnic studies, population dynamics, institutional processes, development processes, applied linguistics and socio-linguistic studies.

  1. Himalayan Studies

Study of man, environment, development, and geopolitical setting of the Indus-Brahmaputra regions.

  1. Nepalese Political Studies

Regional studies, study of institutions, processes, international relations and foreign policy.