Dr. Gyanendra Paudyal

Curriculum- Vitae


Prof. Dr.  Gyanendra Paudyal


Father's Name                        :     Pitamber Paudyal

Date of Birth                           :     19-06-1959 AD (2016-03-04 B.S.)

Place of Birth                          :     Purbakhola, Palpa

Nationality                              :     Nepali

Religion                                   :     Hindu

Language                                :     English, Nepali, Hindi and Bhojpuri

Marital Status                         :     Married

Permanent Address                :     Madhyabindu Municipality 8, Chaurangi, Nawalparasi, Nepal

Office                                      :     Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies, T.U.

Status                                      :     Professor

Subject                                    :     History

Specialization                          :     Diplomatic History / Historiography / Tourism

Contact No.                            :     4333917 (R), 9851107964 (Mo)

Academic Qualification :



Class /Level


Passed Year


T.U. Nepal

Doctor of Philosophy

2007 A.D. / 2064 B.S


T.U. Nepal

M.A. in History


1989 A.D. / 2047 B.S.


T.U. Nepal

Bachelor's Degree


1987 A.D. / 2044 B.S.


UP Board, India



1980 A.D. / 2036 B.S.


SLC Board, Nepal



1976 A.D. / 2032 B.S.


-          29 years teaching experience in different campus of Tribhuvan University and 11 years teaching experience in different schools.

-          Professor –Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies, T.U. (2071-11-27 to )

-          Associate Professor- Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies, T.U. (2068-8-12 to 2071-11-27)

-          Associate Professor/Advisor - Office of the Rector T.U. (2064-12-14 to 2068-8-11).

-          Lecturer- Central Department of Education, T.U., Kirtipur (2064-08-01 to 2064-12-13).

-          Lecturer - Padma Kanya Campus, Bagbazar, Kathmandu (2059-08-01 to 2064-07-30).

-          Lecturer - Tribhuvan Multiple Campus, Tansen, Palpa (2058-02-19 to 2059-07-30).

-          Asst. Lecturer - Tribhuvan Multiple Campus, Tansen, Palpa (2049-03-05 to 2058-02-18).

-          Asst. Lecturer - Dibya Jyoti Multiple Campus, Nawalparasi (2047-08-01 to 2049-03-04).

-          Asst. Campus Chief- Tanssen Multiple Campus, Palpa (2050-04-01 to 2058-07-30).

-          Principal -Everest Academy Higher Secondary School, Lalitpur (2061-01-02 to 2062-01-03).

-          Head teacher- Gauri Shankar MV, Mityal, Palpa (2037-2044 BS).

-          Head Teacher - Saraswoti M.V., Gandakot, Palpa (2037-2039 B.S.)

-          Teacher - Shree Jana Vikas M.V., Darchha, Palpa (2033-2037)

Research :

·      Completed the Mini Research Project entitled The contribution of Dillia Roman Regmi in writing of Nepalese History under the financial support of Dilli Raman Kalyani Regmi Memory Library Development Committee (Pro. Dr. Dilli Raman Regmi Foundation) Kathmandu, Falgun 2069 B.S.

·      Completed the Mini Research Project entitled Darai Samudayako Jatia Pahichan under the Financial Support of Naya Belhani VDC Arunkhola, Nawalparsi in the year Aashad 2069 B.S.

·      Completed the Mini Research Project entitled Nepalka Alpasankhayak tatha Pichhadiyako Barg- Boate, Majhi Ra Musahar Jati Sanchhipta Adhayan under the Financial Support of Nawalparasi- Kathmandu Democratic Society, Kathmandu in the year Falgun 2067 B.S.

·      Completed the Mini Research Project entitled Prasuni Namuna Village Development Committee- Tharu Jati Sanchhipta Chinari under the Financial Support of Prasauni Namuna Village Development Committee, in the year Bhathra 2067 B.S.

·      Completed the Mini Research Project entitled Kumal Jatiko Samajik Tatha Arthik Esthiti : Yak Adhayan (Tamsariya, Nawalparasi) under the Financial Support of Multipurpose social Development Service Institute (MSDS) in the year Chaitra 2066 B.S.

·      Completed as a Field Researcher Organized by Central for Education Research and Social Development (CERSOD) for the Project Feasibility Study on Restructuring of School Education System 2062 B.S.

·      Completed the Case Study Component organized by Ministry of Education and Sports, Education Sector Advisory Team (ESAT) as a Field Researcher and Field Coordinator 2062 B.S.

·      Participated the Orientation Workshop Program organized by history Subject: Committee in Cooperation with Higher Education Project Tribhuvan University held at Pokhara from 8th to 15 May 1997 A.D.

·      Publication of Articles on Different Magazine, Newspapers and Journal about historic, cultural and social aspects.

Training :

·      Completed the Educational Program Producer Training Organized by Nepal Television and the United States Information Service Kathmandu, Nepal- 1998.

·      Completed the Research Methodology Training Organized by office of the Monitoring Committee TU 1994.

·      Completed the Tourist Guide Training organized by Ministry of Tourism, Hotel Management and Tourism Training Center, Kathmandu-1990.

·      Completed the teaching Methodologies Teacher's training organized by National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI, Nepal)- 2001.

·      Completed the Fundamental Computers Training for University Teachers Organized by the University Grants Commission and Conducted by Himalayan White House International College New Baneshwor from 30 May 2005 to 22 June 2005.

Awards :

·      Nepal Bidhya Bhusan "Ka" in 2066 B.S., Government of Nepal

·      Bisist Sewa Puraskar in 2066 B.S., Tribhuvan University

·      Sikshya Puraskar in 2056 B.S., Government of Nepal


Other Activities :

·      President- Nawalparasi Kathmandu Democratic Society, Kathmandu (2063 Poush to 2072 Chaitra)

·      President - Pitamber Memory Society Service Center, Nawalparasi, Nepal (2052-03-15 B.S. to)

·      General Secretary - History Association of Nepal, Kathmandu (2068-12-04 to)

·      Secretary- Heaven Society Nepal, Kathmandu (2062-11-07 to)

·      Secretary - Democratic Professor Association of Nepal, CNAS Unit (2069-6-8 to)

·      Member - Dr. Dilli Raman- Kalyani Remgi Memorial Library Development Committee (2069 to)

·      Member - Management Committee, Biswodip M. Campus, Tripuresor, Kathmandu (2065- 2069)

·      Training Coordinator - Heaven Society Nepal, Kathmandu (2064-01-29 to)

·      Head Advisor- Nawalparasi Students Society, T.U. Committee, Kirtipur, Kathmandu (2065 to)

·      Advisor - Giruwari Khola, Kathmandu Sarmpark Samaj, Kathmandu (2063 to) 

·      Advisor- Nepal Madhabindu Samudyak Aspatal Bikash Kendra, Nawalparasi (2055-5-15 to)

·      Ph.D. Dissertation - The contribution of Dr. Dilli Raman Regmi in writing of Nepalese History

Publication (Reference Books)

·      A Guide of Education Service (2052)

·      Dr. Dilli Raman Regmi in writing of Nepalese History (2066)

·      Sangalo (2069)

·      Research Methodology (2069)

·      Diplomatic History of Nepal (2070)

·      History of Nepali Congress (2070)

·      Publication of Articles on Different Magazine, Newspapers and Journal about historic, cultural, tourism and social aspects.

Research Report

!=  Completed the Mini Research Project entitled A study of Socio-Economic Status of Kumal Ethnicity under the financial support of UGC in the year 2003 A.D.

@=  8f= l8NnLd/0f /]UdLåf/f ;g\ !($) sf] bzsdf lnlvt s[ltx?sf] cWoog, n3' cg';Gwfg, @)^( kmfNu'0f, 8f= l8NnL/d0f /]UdL k|lti7fg, sf7df8f}+

#=  s'dfn hfltsf] ;fdflhs tyf cfly{s l:ylt Ps cWoog, n3'cg';Gwfg, @)^^ r}q, ax'p2]ZoLo ;fdflhs ljsf; ;]jf ;+:yf, /fdu|fdk/f;L, gjnk/f;L

$=  k|;f}gL gd'gf ufpF ljsf; ;ldlt– yf? hflt ;+lIfKt lrgf/L, n3'cg';Gwfg, @)^& efb|, k|;f}gL gd'gf uf=lj=;= sfof{no, gjnk/f;L

%=  b/} ;d'bfosf] hftLo klxrfg, n3'cg';Gwfg, @)^( cfiff9, g]kfn a]nxfgL uf=lj=;= sf] sfof{no, gjnk/f;L

^=  af]6]dfemL / d';x/ hflt ;+lIfKt cWoog, n3'cg';Gwfg, @)^& kmfNu'0f, gjnk/f;L sf7df8f}+ nf]stflGqs ;dfh sf7df8f}+

Recent Article Published in International Journal

1.   Genesis and growth of historical writings in Nepal, International Journals of Social science Review, Dec. 2013, R.R. Publication Chinnaiah, Chatram, Tamilnadu, India.

2.   Border dispute between Nepal and India: Cultural and Historical perspective, Researcher, Dec. 2013, A journal of research development centre, Nepal

3.   Foreign Policy of Nepal and Special Relationship between Nepal and India (1951-1955), Special Issues of "International Journal of Multifaceted and Multilingual Studies" ISSN- 2394-207X (Print) Colonial Ideology and Princely State in India, "ES'S Abasaheb Garovare College, Pune, page 71-78.  

Recent Research Articles

!=  g]kfnsf] Oltxf;sf b'O{ rlr{t JolQmTj eLd;]g yfkf / h+uaxfb'/ /f0ff, Contribution to Nepalese studies Vol. 39, July 12, CNAS, T.U.

@=  g]kfndf Oltxf; n]vg ;d:of / k|of;, cg';Gwfg dxfzfvf, T.U Journal, Sep. 2009

#=  s'6gLlt / ljb]z gLlt ;DaGw / cGt/, HISAN, Dec. 2013, History Association of Nepal.

$=  Challenges of research centre of T.U. A case of CNAS, lq=lj= ljz]iffÍ @)&), T.U. Bulletin special 2013

%=  g]kfnsf] z}lIfs Oltxf;df lqe'jg ljZjljBfno, lq=lj= ;"rgf zfvf, @)^*, lq=lj= ljz]iffË, @)^*

^=  g]kfn / la|l6zsfnLg ef/tsf] ;DaGw, Voice, 2013, A Journal of the author dai Chaudharian
MM College.

&=  g]kfnsf] pRr lzIffdf lqe'jg ljZjljBfno, z}lIfs :dfl/sf, @)^*, lzIff ljefu, ;fgf]l7dL, eQmk'/

*=  ljZjo'4 / o;af6 l;s]sf kf7x?, :dfl/sf, @)^*, lq=lj= sd{rf/L ;+3, s]Gb|Lo ;ldlt

(=  g]kfnsf cNk;+Vos tyf lk5l8Psf] ju{ af]6], dfemL / d';x/ hflt ;+lIfKt lrgf/L, ah|jf0fL, @)^* efb|, ah| OG6/g]zgn sn]h, sf7df8f}+

!)= b/} ;d'bfosf] hftLo klxrfg, pGd]if, @)^*, lq=lj=k|f= ;+3, /=/f=Sof=, sf7df8f}+

Recent Other Articles

!=  s'dfn ;d'bfosf] hflt / k]zfut klxrfg, k|fl1s k|efx, @)^*, lq=lj=k|f= ;+3, lq=a=Sof, kfNkf

@=  kfNkfsf P]ltxfl;s tyf wfld{s :ynx?sf] ;+lIfKt lrgf/L, SofDk;, d'vkq, @)^&, kf6g a=
SofDk;, a}t8L

#=  ef/tsf] :jtGqtf ;+u|fddf ;fdflhs tyf wfld{s ;'wf/ cfGbf]ngsf] of]ubfg, pWj{d'vL, @)&) >fj0f, k|hftGqjfbL k|fWofks ;+3 :gftsf]Q/ SofDk; lj/f6gu/

$=  cfw'lgs g]kfnsf] Oltxf; gf} kj{, zxLb, @)^*, zxLb a= SofDk;, /fdk'/, kfNkf

%=  jl/i6 Oltxf;sf/ 8f= l8NnL/d0f /]UdLåf/f lnlvt The antiquity of the Newars of Kathmandu gfds n]vsf] cWoog ;dLIff, s:t/L, @)^^ SofDk; d'vkq, kBsGof a= SofDk;, afuahf/, sf7df8f}+

^=  g]kfnsf] Oltxf; n]vgdf 8f= l8NnL/d0f /]UdL ;dLIff / d"NofÍg, ljZn]if0f, @)^^ cflZjg, lq=lj=k|f= ;+3, :gftsf]Q/ SofDk; lj/f6gu/

&=  8f= /]UdL / g]kfndf Oltxf; n]vg, 8f= l8NnL/d0f /]UdL zflGt / ;d[4 g]kfn @)^(, 8f= l8NnL/d0f /]UdL k|lti7fg

*=  jt{dfg ;Gbe{df 8f= /]UdLsf] Whither Nepal,8f= /]UdL / ;d;fdlos g]kfn, @)^*, 8f= l8NnL/d0f /]UdL k|lti7fg

(=  8f= l8NnL/d0f /]UdL cfhsf] ;Gbe{df, 8f= /]UdL ax'cfoflds JolQmTj, @)^&, 8f= l8NnL/d0f
/]UdL k|lti7fg

!)= lq=lj= df k|fWofksx?sf] lgo'lQm tyf kbf]Ggltsf] d"NofÍg k4lt, jflif{s ljz]iffÍ, @)^(, lq=lj= ;"rgf zfvf

!!= lq=lj= ;]jf cfof]uaf6 lnOg] pkk|fWofks kbsf] k/LIff ;DaGwL Joj:yf / kf7\oqmddfly ;+lIfKt b[li6, jflif{s ljz]iffÍ, @)^&, lq=lj= ;"rgf zfvf

!@= lqe'jg ljZjljBfno cfhsf] P]gfdf, k|f1 k|eft, @)^^ r}q, k|=k|f= ;+3, k[YjLgf/fo0f Sof=, kf]v/f

!#= lq=lj= df efuj08fsf] lgo'lQmn] NofPsf lj;+ultx?, cfnf]s, @)^*, :j=lj=o'= lq=a= SofDk;, kfNkf

!$= g]kfnsf] Oltxf;sf b'O{ rlr{t kfqx? h+uaxfb'/ / eLd;]g yfkf t'ngfTds cWoog, cg'zLng, @)^(, 88]Nw'/f SofDk;, 88]Nw'/f

!%= Fisu, Universiade Game 2015 / sf]l/of ofqf, pWj{d"vL, September 2016, T.U. Post Graduate Campus, Biratnagar. g+= @, k]h *@–**

!^= g]kfnsf] Gofo k|zf;gdf O6frknL cbfnt -r}q @)&#_, Historical Journal, Vol. VIII, No.1, Patan Multiple Campus, Patan (page 46-50)

!&= jt{dfg ;Gbe{df /fdzfxsf] Gofo Joj:yf, gjnk/f;L ;Gb]z, @)&$ j}zfv, gjnk/f;L, sf7df8f}+, nf]stflGqs ;dfh, jif{ (, cª\s @ -k]h !@–@$_

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-r_  s]Gb|Lo ;b:o– g]kfn k|Wofkfs ;+3, s]Gb|Lo ;ldlt, sf7df8f}+ -@)%%–@)%*_ .

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                        -v_     ljlzi6 ;]jf k'/:sf/ lq=lj= -@)^^_

                        -u_     8f= l8NnL/d0f /]UdL k|lti7fg ljBfjfl/lw ;Ddfg -@)^^_

                        -3_     lzIff k'/:sf/ -g]kfn ;/sf/_ -@)%%_

k|sflzt s[lt M

        -I_      lzIff ;]jf lbUbz{g -@)%%_

        -II_     g]kfnsf] Oltxf; n]vgdf 8f= l8NnL/d0f /]UdL -@)^^_

        -III_     ;Fufnf] -@)^(_

        -IV_     Research Methodology (2012)

        -V_     g]kfnsf] s'6g}lts Oltxf; -@)&)_


        -VI_     g]kfnL sfª\u|];sf] Oltxf; -@)&)_